Failure is a Footstep Toward the Future

Scared of failing? It’s always a possibility that goes hand in hand with risk, and we all shudder at the thought of our own business investments falling flat of the mark. It’s a double edged sword – one we need to wield with less fear.

Yes, it hurts when our own dreams deflate before the world sees their true genius. Honestly though, every failure leads to a future success – and not in a ‘it was bound to happen eventually’ way.

Each time new technology, a product, even a revolutionary way of thinking, fails to find a market, it informs the future of that industry.

Some of that change is holistic, seen through the actions of others treading the same path who seek to avoid failure themselves. Others developing similar products or systems will learn from failure of their peers, leading to faster development in the future.

The 20 Most Successful Technology Failures of All Time

Time Magazine recap the 20 biggest flops in modern history that still changed the world, promoting the idea of ‘failing fast’ in the largest companies looking to maintain their innovative edge.

From ‘too soon’ digital streaming platform Napster to dead out the gate VHS competitor Betamax, see our future from the failings of our past.

Maybe you’ll find a failure that will help you find success.

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