How to learn business skills new technology a new sport a language an instrument skills for a new career anything

There is one skill that we’re all going to need in these times of change: the ability to learn fast.

With new technologies, lifestyle devices and industry advancements coming at us from all angles, the task of constantly learning might actually be the biggest benefit of all.

Think about it: in nature those who adapt survive. We humans are notoriously adverse to change, to the point that it hurts us.

You’re probably thinking right now of something you know you need to change but just can’t break the habit. I have several without even trying (thanks conscience, I’ll drink water and do yoga after this post, ok!).

As Warren Buffet once said, the chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken. At that point, only force will get us to alter our ways.

Well, here we are in The Age of Change; it’s probably a good time to just accept it. More, you need to embrace it! Here’s a great start: learning to learn.

How easy is it to learn something new? Is the 10,000 hours adage correct or is it a tall story? Can we hack learning?

This is what Josh Kaufman set out to discover, after becoming a dad sapped all his free time and threatened his love for learning. Read his blog and watch the TED talk below.

It’s a great resource to implement both in your personal life and your professional one, and the time requirement is far more realistic than 10,000, thank goodness!

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