Leading From the Coalface: AI In Business

Artificial Intellegence. Does it belong in your company?

Just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should. On the other hand, those who hesitate…

The cacophony from business consultants the world over has crested into a deafening roar: adopt digital or die!

Honestly, even we have a few articles encouraging business owners make the leap from analog foundations to digital systems. The squeaky wheel does get the oil, usually in excessive amounts. Could this be the reason many companies are failing in their digital adoption strategies?

Yes, change is needed. Yes the longer you leave it the harder it becomes. But rushing to implement new systems and tools just to fulfill a requirement? That’s never a good idea.

IT Brief New Zealand understand the challenges faced by companies trying to find the best balance between stability and change.  Jacques-Pierre (JP) Dumas interviewed Michael Mazyar, CTO at Samanage on their own path to digital adoption.

Exclusive: The bumpy road to business automation

Although AI has the potential to transform the productivity of workflows, if it’s not deployed correctly, it can cause more problems than it set out to solve. The major cause of application outage is unplanned changes.

Without a strong understanding of how all of your IT assets work together, introducing new software can throw off the entire system. Applications could collide, interfering with each other’s pathways and creating unforeseen performance issues that are costly to fix.

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