The War on Digital Adoption: Are Businesses Losing?

The war on digital adoption: are we losing?

Just under one in eight companies worldwide are nailing their advance into cloud-based-business-world. The other seven of us are stuck in varying degrees of a technological quagmire. So many aspects of business have changed drastically over the last decade that the rules are still be re-written, regulations are still being defined.

At least now, as your spending another day and too much coffee wondering how you’ll figure out which digital bandwagon to jump on (and how fast to run) know that you are not alone. Everyone is sucking at this.

Thankfully, people like Michael Gale, marketing expert and industry leader in integrated technology with his company Strategic Oxygen 2001. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies like MasterCard and IBM, leading him to discover key drivers of digital transformation. He shares them with Bruce Rogers, contributor to

Michael provides an ironic answer to your struggles for digital adaption: people. Getting the people in an organisation to understand the challenges faced in the company. One is understanding how your team works together and what in your team culture needs to change to smooth the process.

Dive into the article from Forbes, you’ll be sure to glean some gems that will help your digital revolution succeed.

Understand(ing) what it took to change culture, what it took to make things more high performance and empowering people to make decisions on their own was the number one truth that people really struggled with. – Michael Gale

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