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Future Of Business

Topic: Future of Social Responsibility In Business

Date: 8th May 2019
Location: The Canterbury Club

James Tapper – Founder and MD of Benefaction

James Tapper is the Founder and Managing Director of Benefaction, a social impact agency that helps brands to create and communicate authentic social initiatives.

While working for a private consulting firm, James came to the conclusion that the old-fashioned ‘sponsorship-marketing model’ was broken so he set out to fix it.

Since launching Benefaction last year, James has worked with a number of clients to create social good projects and charitable partnerships that earn brands big love at the same time as making a genuine positive impact.

James strongly believes in the ability of enterprise to be a force for positive change and he is passionate about helping businesses unlock the performance benefits of doing good for their communities.

Lisa Mead – Founder and Director of Social Currency

Lisa Mead is a mum of one, 9 going on 16 year old boy, Dakota. She is a born and bred Cantabrian, very much a rugby fan and loves coaching her son’s cricket team.. yes cricket! She’s on the PTA, involved in various organisations and very passionate about what she does which is accounting with a difference.
Lisa runs a social impact business called Social Currency, which is a purpose driven accounting firm committed to giving away 10% of sales to supporting at risk kiwi kids through mentoring programs and charity partnerships. Social Currency does accounting, tax, business advisory, supports social enterprises and creates social impact reports for purpose driven businesses making an impact and wanting to share their story.
Lisa has been working as an accountant since 2008 and is a Chartered Accountant working with many different types of people and businesses all over New Zealand, and globally. With a passion for what she does and the charities she supports coming from a personal struggle against the odds, Lisa’s son is very much the driving force behind her determination. She knew that failure was not an option, and success is no coincidence.

The purpose of Social Currency is to be a positive impact in the lives of vulnerable young people in New Zealand, and is well on the way to fulfilling the mission having already donated over $16,000 to supporting at-risk kiwi kids since November 2017.

Tom Dickie – Property Development Consultant

Tom Dickie has 30 years hands-on experience in the UK and NZ property sectors.

He started off in the field of Land Economics, then became a General Practice Surveyor  – RICS becoming involved in commercial and business space property development for the public and private sectors leading on to working for 6 years in New Town development and subsequently became Regional Director in Glasgow of an international property and construction consultancy.

Tom has significant experience in Public Private Partnership procurement having provided Technical advisor services to both public sector procuring organisations and private sector special purpose vehicles in respect of £500m of investment projects.

In conjunction with a team of like-minded professionals the HUB Communities Charitable Trust has been formed. The HCCT team are in the process of launching a design, build, fund, manage and operate community development and affordable housing supply chain platform to act as a catalyst to bring together public sector participants and private sector investors to deliver measurable and auditable open-book housing affordability and positive and measurable social value outcomes to New Zealand.

Paul Lonsdale

Future Of Business

Topic: Future of Digital Adoption

Date: 10th April 2019
Location: The Canterbury Club

Paul Lonsdale – Manager of the New Brighton Business and Land Owners Association & Central City Business Association Manager

Paul Lonsdale has been in retail industry for 37 years in a variation of roles including manager / marketing manager of Merivale Mall and manager of the Palms shopping centre.

Paul helped establish the Central City Business Association back in 2007 and was the central city manager for the business association for seven years.

Post the February 2011 earthquake Paul was one of the key leaders in the Re:Start initiative. He initiated the first steps to bring life back into the city sooner than would have otherwise been possible and then stayed on to manage Re:Start to success.

Paul ran for the mayoralty in the 2013 elections and was elected as Councillor for the Hagley Ferrymead Ward where he served for one three year term. Paul was involved in all aspects of the council and its subsidiaries sitting on six council control company boards and 15 committees and working groups.

Paul now enjoys working with the New Brighton business community as manager of the New Brighton Business and Land Owners Association and again, has taken up the role of Central City Business Association manager.

Brett O’Donnell – CEO at ENTO and Founder of many successful enterprises

Brett O’Donnell is the Owner and Project Manager of Webtools Limited, which manages the development and implementation of online software solutions for clients across Australia and New Zealand.

He is the CEO of ENTO which is a New Zealand-based IOT company that has successfully developed a device currently being trialed around New Zealand and Australia. Check out for more info.

As well, Brett is the Business Development Manager for Switch Me Limited, which, in 2011, developed and implemented a business energy comparison service commissioned by the Electricity Authority of New Zealand.

Future Of Business

Topic: Future of Technology in Business

Date: 13th March 2019
Location: The Canterbury Club

Hamish Duff, BSC, MSC, MBA, Technology Management Specialist and Futurist

Hamish Duff is passionate about technology and the opportunities it brings to business. He has over 20 years of industry experience and is qualified in both industry and technology management.

What does Hamish do differently? He understands that the key to updating a company to digital systems doesn’t lay exclusively in the system itself – the people using it need to be on board. While this seems obvious, the failure to do so is the key reason that companies are struggling to get there in their digital journeys.

Carl Pavletich, Director of Sensibel Geo Mapping and Fabriko, co-creator of Emerging Futures Summit, and co-founder of Fab Lab Chch

Carl Pavletich has been quoted as saying that a Fab City is defined as being “locally productive but globally connected”.

Consider if we could carry this concept through to our company culture how much stronger we would be as businesses. Carl has been the founder of many ventures all involving collaboration with other connected groups.

He will explore the Fab lab concept of joining “Fab” cities around the world with the aim of eventually becoming self-sufficient and sharing code to 3D print everything we need.

Selling code or “weightless export” rather then physical objects is ideally suited to New Zealand’s geographical location.

Be fascinated by the advancements in technology and see how your own ventures can take advantage of joining the Fab Lab movement!

Hamish Duff Speaker at the Future of Technology in Business
Speaker - Carl Pavletich