Speaker Profile: Kurt Janssen – Orbica Founder & CEO

Kurt was convinced there were better ways to do things in the geospatial industry, exciting technology frontiers to be explored and myriad of location data-inspired solutions just waiting to be discovered.

At the heart of it was an agnostic approach: a desire to start with the problem at hand, devise the best solution and then identify the best tools to achieve the desired outcome, rather than designing a solution from a predetermined toolkit.

This propensity to think differently brought about Orbica in February 2017.

Orbica kicked off in shared working space BizDojo with little more than a laptop, copious cups of coffee and a bunch of pretty big ideas. We grew quickly off a stellar reputation for delivering innovative and value-driven solutions.

Today Orbica has a talented team of big thinkers (Orbicans) and a purpose-designed HQ in the heart of Christchurch’s Innovation Precinct. We’ve also got an enviable client-base, we’re an exporter of technology and we’ve got a presence in Europe.

Orbica is pioneering geospatial artificial intelligence (GeoAI), developing unique data visualisation solutions and enabling organisations to gain near real-time visibility of their data – all through geography and the power of location data.

Kurt Janssen | Founder & CEO | Orbica