Speaker Profile: Hamish Duff – Recalibrate Founder & CEO

Hamish is a switched on businessman. With a BSc, MSc and a MBA, he has the envious position of being able to recognise, understand and implement change in any business, successfully.

Roles at the University of Canterbury and the Ministry of Education help him transform our future by targeting education and those being educated.

Together with his position at Recalibrate – helping businesses from PGG Wrightson to the Dunedin City Council achieve digital transformation – Hamish a unique and unbiased view on how technology is affecting every aspect of our lives, both now and in the future.

Not only does he work with corporations large and small to successfully adopt digital foundations, his advisory position on the Ministry of Education allows him to give real world advice to one of our most significant government departments.

Hamish will be speaking on effective and proven ways to help your business transition into digital age.

Hamish Duff Speaker at the Future of Technology in Business