Who is this Future Of Business that’s just arrived in the CBD? In a word it is you, the business owner. Yes, the Future Of Business is the group of business owners who will meet each month. It is a forum for networking as well as a way of learning the latest ideas for running your businesses more successfully.

Networking and access to knowledgeable leaders in business is the sole focus. Interaction is the theme. The Future Of Business is all about the people who attend. Those running it are simply the facilitators. It’s not an organisation but simply a mailing list of business owners who get invited each month.

We plan to invite some great speakers along to help you improve your business. Even though the word ‘Future’ is in our name we won’t be futuristic in content. Of course, we’ll be discussing what lies ahead but we’ll be exploring ideas and concepts that are relevant to you now. We’ll be looking at what’s the next step for your business. We’ll be discussing ideas that can take your business to the next level, right now.

We’re not all about technology, either. We’ll be addressing the challenges facing our businesses today. Subjects like Health and Safety and Employee Relationships are on the list, to find leaders to speak about. We’ll be delving deep into all aspects of our businesses.

A drink with good food always helps the networking juices flow and that will be part of the jam. Plenty of time to continue conversations after the speakers’ presentation, will be allowed, while hooking up with the speakers will be encouraged.

It’s just a jam, a get together after work for good refreshments, good discussion and great insights.

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